Education for Democratic Citizenship in the Context of Europe

Peter Schreiner [Hrsg.] u.a.

Material and Resources for Churches and Educators
Münster: Comenius-Institut, 2013, 104 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-943410-02-0

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A publication of the Church & Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches, the Intereuropean Commission on Church and School and the International Association for Christian Education in cooperation with the Comenius-Institut.

Edited by Peter Schreiner in cooperation with Hanna Broadbridge, Vincent Dubois, Diane Murray, Daniel Schmid-Holz, Kostas Zormpas, Maria Pomazkova, Richard Fischer, the Comenius-Institute and Eckhart Marggraf. A publication of CSC/CEC, ICCS and IV.

This publication is a tool to provide information about basic elements and initiatives in Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC).
EDC is perceived as an important issue that is addressed by European institutions such as the European Union and the Council of Europe and also in national agencies.
The book introduces the content of EDC by providing definitions and by presenting elements of the concept. Activities of the Council of Europe and the EU are introduced as well as other European and national examples of good practice.
The second part provides a glossary, a selected number of key documents and an annotated literature list. This book is especially aimed at churches and educators and a result of a collaboration of the Comenius-Institut with ICCS, IV and the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches.