On the Future of Religious Education in Europe

Commemorative publication for Dr Peter Schreiner

Original title: "Zur Zukunft religiöser Bildung in Europa"

2021, 178  pages, paperback, ISBN 978-3-8309-4432-4

With contributions from Stefan DrubelStefan HermannRobert JacksonMichael JacobsMouhanad KhorchideHeid Leganger-KrogstadSilke LeonhardSiebren MiedemaDirk OesselmannHenning SchlußFriedrich SchweitzerKlaus Seitz

What are the challenges facing education in the European context? Religious education is not exempt from global challenges such as the climate crisis. The task here is to shape the transformation to a sustainable way of life through educational processes. These processes focus on the individual and its capability, autonomy and maturity as a subject who can to take responsible action and therefore becoming an agent of change. In this context, international exchange can sharpen the awareness of individuals for global challenges. This also applies to questions of interreligious dialogue and peaceful coexistence. At the same time, a stronger Europeanisation of education requires networking at national and international level as well as an increased transfer of knowledge.

The contributions by European authors in this volume highlight aspects of Dr Peter Schreiner's 30 years of work as a staff member for "Protestant Educational Responsibility in the Future Europe" and as Director of the Comenius Institute, Münster.

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