Religious Education and Christian Theologies

Peter Schreiner, Gaynor Pollard, Sturla Sagberg (Hg.)

Some European Perspectives
Münster: Waxmann-Verlag, 2006, 168 S.
ISBN 3-8309-1670-1

Developments in theology and developments in religious education in different countries encourage a renewed dialogue between the two areas. In this book special emphasis is given to the role of Christian theologies in relation to religious education. In most countries of Europe religious education is part of the curriculum in public schools. Religious education is concerned with both education and religion and accepted as an academic subject in its own right. Its relationship with theology, religious studies and educational philosophy can be seen in contrasting ways due to different traditions and developments of the subject in Europe.

A working group of nine experts from eight countries have worked together for a period of two years with a mandate from the Intereuropean Commission on Church and School (ICCS) and the Comenius-Institut in Münster, Germany. The working process of the group has led to different types of articles. Some reflect group discussions; some are best understood as reports from ongoing projects, while some are theoretical discussions based on work with relevant literature. Together they may inspire various activities in exploring the field of religious education on many levels.

With contributions from Roland Biewald, Germany, Gertud Ide Yversen, Denmark, Juha Luodeslampi, Finland, Valentin Koshuharov, Bulgaria/Russia, Alma Lanser-van der Velde, the Netherlands, Gordon Mitchell, Germany/South Africa, Gaynor Pollard, England, Sturla Sagberg, Norway, Peter Schreiner, Germany and a foreword by Hans Spinder, the Netherlands/Cuba


Section I: Children and Teachers doing Theology

  • In Dialogue with Children - a comparative view of the interface between children and religious education in Germany, England, Bulgaria and Russia / Gaynor Pollard, Peter Schreiner, Valentin Kozhuharov
  • Engaging with Biblical Texts in Religious Education. Reflections from a Danish point of view / Gertrud Yde Iversen
  • When Worlds Change. Teachers Reflecting about Religious Education / Gordon Mitchell, Roland Biewald, Juha Luodeslampi
  • Being a Religious Education Teacher in an Orthodox Tradition / Valentin Kozhuharov
  • Computer and Theology in the Classroom guided by Experiment / Juha Luodeslampi

Section II: Theological and Philosophical Concerns

  • Understanding Theology - Philosophical and ethical concerns about theology and religious education / Sturla Sagberg
  • Classroom Theology. Doing theology beyond postmodernity / Alma Lanser-van der Velde
  • Christian Theology and Religious Education in the United States of America / Gaynor Pollard
  • Changing Constellations of Disciplines for Religious Education / Gaynor Pollard, Peter Schreiner

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