Shared learning in a plural world

Gert Rüppell, Peter Schreiner (Hg.)

ecumencial approaches to inter-religious education
Münster: Lit-Verlag 2003, 179 S.
ISBN 3-8258-6571-1

"Shared Learning in a Plural World" takes the reader along to a discourse held between representatives of different World Religions, religious educators and researchers about "How religious education can contribute to good community relations."
Starting with the issue of pluralism, the book leads on to concepts of learning in world religions, reflections on inter-religious learning in Europe, and examples on methodologies of education and community. A number of documents related to the Interfaith work of the World Council of Churches are also documented.
The publication is an outcome of a co-operation between the World Council of Churches (Education and Ecumenical Formation / Inter-religious Relations) and the Comenius-Institut in Münster, Germany.