Committed to Europe’s Future

Peter Schreiner, Hans Spinder, Jeremy Taylor, Wim Westerman

Contributions from Education and Religious Education. A Reader
Münster: Comenius-Institut 2002, 128 S.

The reader is a result of the activities of a European network called CoGREE, the Coordinating Group for Religious Education in Europe.

CoGREE coordinates the work of a number of associations, organisations and networks which deal with a range of issues concerning the teaching of religions in schools and of Christian and religious responsibility in the area of European education policy.

The reader includes helpful material for an ongoing debate about the contribution of education and religious education to Europe’s future.

The documents, papers and statements included in this collection should enable readers to become acquainted with

• Current European developments and central issues of debate

• The dynamics of the discussion on Education in Europe

• The state of Religious Education in Europe

A publication of the Coordinating Group for Religious Education in Europe (CoGREE) and the Comenius-Institut, Protestant Centre for Studies in Education.

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