School development and Protestant profile in the digital space

The digital condition is one of the key challenges that set the horizon, in which school development processes must be shaped. The new project 'schule-evangelisch-digital' takes this challenge seriously and offers Protestant schools a tool to develop their schools in the horizon of the digital condition. The starting point and foundation of the practical offers is the Protestant understanding of education, that the schools share. On the one hand, this understanding of education is always subject-oriented; at the same time, it places an emphasis on interaction as a basic condition of learning. The decisive point is that these two aspects, subject-orientation and community, largely correspond with two decisive aspects of digitalisation: digitalisation enables the individualisation of learning - and at the same time it offers new possibilities for collaborative and cooperative work. This is exactly what the project offers, not only as an objective, but also as a working method of school development itself.

These working methods are expressed in three ways:

1. open exchange of experience and knowledge at monthly digital network meetings,

2. digital pin board to contribute questions, set topics and find answers,

3. Professional learning communities for intensive, topic-related exchange and collaborative work in small groups.

An introductory video gives a first overview of the network idea and the associated platform 'schule-evangelisch-digital'.

The network serves all teachers, school leaders and IT administrators of Protestant schools. If you are interested in joining the network, you can take part in one of the monthly digital welcome meetings. They serve to introduce the network and for the participants to try out the platform directly in practice.

All meeting dates can be found at

The Comenius Institute is responsible for the network, which is funded by the Barbara Schadeberg Foundation. It is currently located in Germany, but international inputs are very welcome!

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