About the war in Ukraine

The outbreak of war in Ukraine was also received with great dismay by the Comenius Institute. The educational work and the educational understanding of the Institute and the striving for peaceful coexistence are closely interwoven - be it in interreligious dialogue, in dealing with diversity or in peace education. Cooperation with partners from all over Europe has been at the heart of the Institute for decades. These days, we feel especially connected to them.

As a first reaction to the outbreak of war, several European umbrella organisations (CoGREE, EFTRE) published statements for peaceful coexistence in Europe. In addition, contact was sought and intensified with partners living directly in Ukraine (including in Lviv and Donetsk). Together with Kateryna Buchko from the Catholic University in Lviv, a #relichat was initiated on the question how Religious Educations teachers can address this issue in their lessons and at school more widely.

European cooperation by its very nature always means peacebuilding. The war that has broken out encourages the Comenius Institute to continue this work with vigour and to draw even closer together with the people from our networks in Europe - as a community of people who feel connected in their commitment to education, to learning from and with each other across borders and differences.