Statutes of CoGREE (Coordinating Group for Religion in Education in Europe)

CoGREE promotes cooperation between associations, organisations and networks committed to religious education of children and young adults in Europe. CoGREE member organisations base their collaboration on the right of children and young people to religion and religious education. They advocate approaches to religious education that are in line with the European Convention on Human Rights.

The common principles (consensus) of the member organisations of CoGREE are laid down in the Statement of CoGREE which is attached to the statutes.

CoGREE serves the following aims:

  • Exchange of information among the member organisations
  • Clarification of common interests
  • Agreement on common activities
  • Representation of common interests beyond CoGREE.

Membership of CoGREE is open to organisations working at a European level who agree with the statutes and the common principles of CoGREE. New membership needs approval by the CoGREE steering group.

Activities of CoGREE are organised through

  • delegates of the member organisations who meet twice a year in the CoGREE steering group
  • the Moderator of CoGREE, elected by the delegates for a period of 3 years;
  • the CoGREE secretariat

Decisions of CoGREE are taken unanimously and must be approved by the member organisations.

Costs for delegates for CoGREE activities are covered by the member organisations.

20.01.2007 / adopted by the steering group at its meeting in Crêt Berard/Switzerland

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