Teacher In-Service Education

Research and development projects address models and concepts of professionalization in in-service teacher training. How to support the development of teachers’ competences during different phases of their professional biographies is one of the major questions. Emphasis is placed on both the theory and practice of in-service teacher training, especially as offered by Church-affiliated agencies. Several projects indicate the breadth of our activities:
  • The MINT project (2003-2007), funded by the European Commission, in cooperation with European partners, aimed at mentoring in teacher education as a tool for the continuous professional development of teachers:
    Improving School-Based Mentoring: A Handbook for Mentor Trainers
    Dietlind Fischer, Lydia van Andel, Tim Cain, Birgita Zarkovic-Adlesic, Jaap van Lakerveld. A publication by the Comenius-Institut
    Muenster: Waxmann 2008, 150 pages, ISBN 978-3-8309-1992-6 - 24,90 €
  • The project KompRU (2007-2009) is developing and testing an in-service model which integrates teachers of religious education into an action-research project. Cooperation, continuity of work and reflexivity are its core didactic elements; development and evaluation of competence-orientation in RE are its content elements.
  • The former project ESCHE (1993-2005) qualified teachers from Protestant schools to systematically support their schools' development.


Dietlind Fischer:
Learning Partnerships in the Professional Development of Teachers
Paper presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE); Malta, 24-27 August 2003

Dietlind Fischer / Lydia van Andel
Mentoring in Teacher Education – towards innovative school development
Paper presented at the 27th annual conference of ATEE September 2002 in Warsaw/ Poland

Publications from the RDC (Research and Development Centre on Inservice Teacher Education of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe) Interim Meeting held in Glasgow on 28 March to 1 April 2001, University of Glasgow/ University of Strathclyde/ Association of Teacher Education in Europe:

  • Dietlind Fischer:
    New Initiatives on Teacher Education in Germany
  • Dietlind Fischer:
    Promoting Publications in Inservice Work

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