Elementary Education

The field of Elementary Education encompasses educational work with children early in life (ages 0-6). The situation of children, the educational offers the Protestant Church provides and the perspectives for future development are addressed in depth in the Handbuch Arbeit mit Kindern - Evangelische Perspektiven (Protestant Perspectives on Working with Children):

Handbuch Arbeit mit Kindern (German information)

The Machbarkeitsstudie Evangelische Bildungsberichterstattung (Feasibility Study: Reporting on Protestant Educational Efforts) analyses government statistics on day care institutions with a view specifically to those operated by the Protestant Church. It offers evidence-based insight into the contributions and challenges of these day care providers:

Evangelische Bildungsberichterstattung - Studie zur Machbarkeit (German) including Expertise 1: Early Childhood by Dr. Matthias Schilling (74 pages, in German)

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