Confirmation Work in Ecumenical and International Perspectives

The year 2017 is not only of special importance for Protestantism in general but also for confirmation work. A major international research project carried out in nine European countries will make available its final results. A parallel project on confirmation work in the United States of America will also present results from their research.
The Erfurt international and ecumenical conference brings together researchers and representatives from the field of confirmation work from the different countries. Results and new insights will be presented and discussed and practical consequences will be developed in dialogue between theory and practice, academic research and church leadership, practitioners and other specialists.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schweitzer
University of Tübingen/Germany

Dr. Birgit Sendler-Koschel
EKD, Hannover/Germany

Dr. Peter Schreiner
Comenius-Institut, Münster/Germany

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Titel: Confirmation Work in Ecumenical and International Perspectives
Termin: 03. - 05. May 2017
Ort: Erfurt, Germany
Kontakt: Ulrike Berge

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